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China. Shanghai.  "The Bund". The Bund is the most impressive 2 km in Shanghai. It is a boastful reminder of the city's cosmoppolitan and decadent heyday. Originally a townpath to pull barges of rice, the bund gets its Anglo-Indian name from embankments built up to discourage flooding. The Bund became the seat of the foreign power in the early 20 th century and provided a great façade for those arriving in Shanghai by the river.  On a late afternoon, a group of chinese people sit and relax on benches under a colorful statue representing the various sports from the olympic games. The five rings are the symbol of the five continents on earth,which is used by The International Olympic Committee (IOC or CIO). Beijing, the capital of China, will host the olympic games in 2008. © 2002 Didier Ruef