Ethiopia 2015. The Caravan of Love. Marc Vella.

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Ethiopia. Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region. Karat village. Konso tribe. A group of men walk on a hill's path. They carry khat on their arms and heads. They will sell it in the local markets. The Konso live in an isolated region of the basalt hills.  The area is made up of hard rocky slopes. Konso villages are usually fortified by a stone wall used as a defensive measure and located on hilltop. They are split up into communities, with each community having a main hut. . The Konso are mixed agriculturists using their dry and infertile lands to grow crops. like khat. Catha edulis (khat, qat) is a flowering plant, used for chewing as a social custom. Khat contains a monoamine alkaloid called cathinone, an amphetamine-like stimulant, which is said to cause excitement, loss of appetite and euphoria. The Konso, also known as the Konzo, are a Cushitic-speaking ethnic group. Although the Konso people have many customs dating back hundreds of years, it is not uncommon for them to be seen wearing western clothing. The Omo Valley, situated in Africa’s Great Rift Valley, is home to an estimated 250,000 individuals of the Konso tribe. Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region (often abbreviated as SNNPR) is one of the nine ethnic divisions of Ethiopia 7.11.15 © 2015 Didier Ruef