France 2022. Paris. Eurosatory 2022

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France. Ile-de-France Department. Paris. Eurosatory 2022. Exhibit stand. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. (Rafael) is an Israeli defense technology company. Rafael develops and produces weapons, military, and defense technologies for the Israel Defense Forces and for export abroad. Thomas Küchenmeister (R) is the german speaker of the campaign « Stop Killer Robots ». He talks with a soldier from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) about his latest new equipment. Fire Weaver is a revolutionary networked sensor-to-shooter system which enables unequalled speed, accuracy and safety for the tactical forces. It complements the Battle Management System (BMS) by connecting all sensors and shooters in real time, presenting relevant Augmented Reality information on the weapon sight, and instantly selecting the most relevant shooter for each target ‒ enabling simultaneous, precision strikes. Easing decision-making via Artificial Intelligence, Fire Weaver calculates the rules of engagement and directs targeting and firing, using the most appropriate shooter for each acquired target. Eurosatory is the international reference for land and airland Defence and Security exhibition. 14.6.2022 © 2022 Didier Ruef