France 2022. Paris. Eurosatory 2022

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France. Ile-de-France Department. Paris. Eurosatory 2022. Exhibit stand. Safran S.A. is a French multinational company that designs, develops and manufactures aircraft engines, rocket engines as well as various aerospace and defense-related equipment or their components. Patroller is a long-endurance, multi-mission and multi-sensor tactical UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicles) system. Endurance 15 hours. Payload 210 kg. Ceiling 16’000ft. Speed 100 to 200 km/h. Range in line of sight & Satcom 180km & 1’000 km. A Safran employee is loading a missile in the Thales rocket launcher. Smart digital rocket launcher. Dual purpose: 70mm unguided and Laser Guided Rocket FZ275 LGR. Mixed loading with various warhead types. Eurosatory is the international reference for land and airland Defence and Security exhibition. 13.6.2022 © 2022 Didier Ruef