France 2022. Paris. Eurosatory 2022

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France. Ile-de-France Department. Paris. Eurosatory 2022. Major General Hazaa Mubarak Treheb Al-Hajri, Security Affairs, Qatar on the exhibit stand of the Ministry of Armed Forces (French: Ministère des Armées). France has ambitious plans for a connected combat architecture linking manned ground vehicles, UGVs and UAS to increase situational awareness and reshape engagements. Scorpion is the digital backbone connecting a fleet of vehicles to create what the French Ministry of Defence called a platform for ‘collaborative combat’. It is designed to automatically distribute alerts, targeting information and a host of other data between vehicles, robots and UAVS, with the aim of optimising fire support and safety. Eurosatory is the international reference for land and airland Defence and Security exhibition. 14.6.2022 © 2022 Didier Ruef