France 2022. Paris. Eurosatory 2022

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France. Ile-de-France Department. Paris. Eurosatory 2022. Gen. Fahad Al-Otaibi, the director of Kuwaiti Military Cooperation Office, Kuwaiti Army, talks to a French official on the exhibit stand of the Ministry of Armed Forces (French: Ministère des Armées). The Optio-X20 is the weaponized implementation of Nexter’s new range of Multimissions Tactical Robotics Systems. This open architecture tracked ground drone is specially designed for perimeter protection, combat group escort, target acquisition and target engagement tasks. With the Arx 20, its 20mm automatic cannon and 7.62mm, both gyro-stabilized, Optio-X20 meets the operational requirements for surveillance, protection, security, and combat missions, on open modern battlefields as well as in urban areas. The Optio-X20 used the base of THeMIS (Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System), unmanned ground vehicle (UGV),  a ground-based armed drone vehicle designed for military applications, and built by Milrem Robotics in Estonia. THeMIS Combat UGVs provide direct fire support for manoeuvre forces acting as a force multiplier. Eurosatory is the international reference for land and airland Defence and Security exhibition. 14.6.2022 © 2022 Didier Ruef