Germany 2020. Schleswig Air Force. IAI Heron. Drones

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Germany. Schleswig-Holstein State. Fliegerhorst Schleswig (also called Schleswig-Jagel). Fliegerhorst Schleswig is an airbase of the German Air Force, home to the unit:  Aufklärungsgeschwader 51 "Immelmann" (AKG 51). (Second from right) Portrait of Commodore / TaktLwG 51 "I" Oberst Kristof Conrad. Oberst is a military rank equivalent to Colonel. The German air force used the concept of a unit commodore for the commander of a wing. The Colonel is in charge of the IAI Heron unit. The IAI Heron (Machatz-1) is a medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by the Malat (UAV) division of Israel Aerospace Industries. It is capable of Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) operations of up to 52 hours' duration at up to 10.5 km (35,000 ft). It has demonstrated 52 hours of continuous flight, but the effective operational maximal flight duration is less, according to payload and flight profile. Portraits of high ranking officers in frames. The only woman is Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer who is the german defense minister. The German Air Force (Luftwaffe) is the aerial warfare branch of the Bundeswehr, the armed forces of Germany. 3.02.2020  © 2020 Didier Ruef