India 2013 Allahabad. Maha Kumbh Mela

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India. Uttar Pradesh state. Allahabad. Maha Kumbh Mela. Anant Shri Vibhushit Jagadguru Lakshmi Devi Sai Maa (Mataji) is a renowned spiritual master who has devoted Her life to spreading Sanatana Dharma around the world, tirelessly serving Her noble mission of Global Enlightment. Inside the courtyard of guru's ward, Mataji is seated on a silver sofa. She is collecting money and blessing Indian Hindu devotees with peacock feathers. Her western disciples are given sweets to the visitors. A man working for a private security firm is looking after the guru's security. A golden sculpture of Krishna is on the wall. Krishna is a Hindu deity, one of the "avatars" (or "incarnation") of Vedic Supreme God Vishnu or Narayana. The Kumbh Mela, believed to be the largest religious gathering is held every 12 years on the banks of the 'Sangam'- the confluence of the holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati. The Maha (great) Kumbh Mela, which comes after 12 Purna Kumbh Mela, or 144 years, is always held at Allahabad. Uttar Pradesh (abbreviated U.P.) is a state located in northern India. 11.02.13 © 2013 Didier Ruef