Italy 2011. I am a romanian in Rome

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Italy. Lazio region. Capena. Corneliu Siminiceanu is a romanian citizen and has lived in Italy for the last 10 years. He cooks mici on a open air barbecue on the flat's balcony. Mititei or mici , both Romanian words meaning "small ones" is a traditional Romanian dish of grilled minced-meat rolls made from meat of beef, lamb and pork mixed, which contain garlic, black pepper, thyme, coriander, anise, savory and sometimes a touch of paprika. Sodium bicarbonate (and sometimes broth or water) is also added to the mixture. Romanian immigration. Capena (until 1933 called Leprignano) is a town and comune in the province of Rome. 24.09.2011 © 2011 Didier Ruef