Italy 2018 Apulia and Matera

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Italy. Apulia Region. Gravina in Puglia. Illuminated Christmas nativity scene. A Nativity Scene, may be used to describe any depiction of the Nativity of Jesus in art,  also called a crib or creche. It means a three-dimensional folk art depiction of the birth or birthplace of Jesus, either sculpted or using two-dimensional (cut-out) figures arranged in a three-dimensional setting. Christian nativity scenes, in two dimensions (drawings, paintings, icons, etc.) or three (sculpture or other three-dimensional crafts), usually show Jesus in a manger, Joseph and Mary in a barn (or cave. Gravina in Puglia is a town in Apulia (Puglia) which is a region in Southern Italy. 8.12.18  © 2018 Didier Ruef