Nigeria 2019. In the name of fate, Biafra today.

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Nigeria. Enugu State. Enugu. Trash and plastic waste picked-up by garbages collectors on garbage heap. A Igbo woman working at a recycling depot has just found a green purse and will keep it for her private use. Two dolls are hanged on tree's branches. The various plastic, metals, bottles, and other items will later be sold and used in the recycle industry. The woman wears a head tie which is a women's cloth head scarf. The head tie is used as an ornamental head covering or fashion accessory, or for functionality in different settings. Its use or meaning can vary depending on the country and/or religion of those who wear it. The head tie is called gele in Nigeria. Enugu is the capital of Enugu State, located in southeastern Nigeria. 2.07.19 © 2019 Didier Ruef