Russia 1993 Krasnodar

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Russia. Krasnodar Krai Region. Krasnodar. Old man and geese. The elderly man is working as a farmer in a new large private farm on what used to be a sovkhoz farm. A sovkhoz was a form of state-owned farm in the Soviet Union. It is usually contrasted with kolkhoz, which is a collective-owned farm. Unlike the members of a kolkhoz, which were called "kolkhozniks" or "kolkhozniki" (the workers of a sovkhoz were only colloquially called "sovkhozniki". A goose (plural geese) is a bird of any of several waterfowl species in the family Anatidae. Krasnodar (also known as Kuban) is the largest city and the administrative centre of Krasnodar Krai in Southern Russia. 21.09.1993 © 1993 Didier Ruef