Rwanda 2007 13 Years after the Genocide

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Rwanda. Southern province. Rugobagoba village. View on the green hills. Long horned Ankole Watusi cows of the Sanga type.A cow with its big horns. Yellow plastic label on the right ear. Sanga cattle is the collective name for indigenous cattle of sub-Saharan Africa. Sanga cattle are sometimes identified as a subspecies with the scientific name Bos taurus africanus. Sanga are an intermediate type, probably formed by hybridizing the indigenous humpless cattle with Zebu cattle. However, archaeological evidence indicates this cattle type was domesticated independently in Africa, and bloodlines of taurine and zebu cattle were introduced only within the last few hundred years.They are distinguished by having small cervicothoracic humps instead of the high thoracic humps which characterize the Zebu. © 2007 Didier Ruef