Switzerland 2019. The Gotthard band has his Merlot

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Switzerland. Canton Ticino. Cagiallo. Merlot wineyard "Ronco della Plana". The Swiss rock band Gotthard is associated with winemakers Valentina Andrei (Merlot Ivresse from Valais) and Sacha Pelossi (Merlot from Ticino) to create the new vintage bottle: Magnificents' 17. Left to right: Hena Habegger (Gotthard), Valentina Andrei, Sacha Pelossi, Nic Maeder (Gotthard), Nicolas Wüsti, Leo Leoni (Gotthard), Freddy Scherer (Gotthard). Gotthard is a Swiss hard rock band founded in Lugano by Steve Lee and Leo Leoni. Their last eleven albums have all reached number 1 in the Swiss album charts, making them one of the most successful Swiss acts ever. With 2 million albums sold, they managed to get multi-platinum awards in different parts of the world. Cagiallo is a village and and is part of the Capriasca municipality. 25.03.2019 © 2019 Didier Ruef