Switzerland 2020-2019. Bunkers

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Switzerland. Canton Aargau. Fort Reuenthal. View on Full-Reuenthal and Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant. Fort Reuenthal is a 20th-century Swiss fortification located near the Swiss border with Germany. Built between 1937 and 1939, the fort overlooks the Rhine  and was intended to prevent a crossing of the Rhine at the hydroelectric plant at Dogern. It was a component of the Swiss Border Line of defenses. It was armed with two artillery blocks for 75mm guns and two machine gun blocks. The fort uses camouflage, with house-like superstructures over some positions. Deactivated as a military post in 1988, it is operated as a museum. The Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant (German: Kernkraftwerk Leibstadt, KKL) is located near Leibstadt, canton of Aargau, Switzerland, on the Rhine River and close to the border to Germany. Commissioned in 1984, it is the country's youngest and most powerful of all five operating reactors. 5.02.2019 © 2019 Didier Ruef