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Switzerland. Canton Ticino. Grancia. Reverend Father Gerald Chukwudi Ani celebrates the Sunday mass at home and transmits it live on YouTube. Don Gerald Chukwudi Ani, originally from Nigeria, is a catholic priest from the Diocese of Lugano. Sacramental bread (Latin: hostia, Italian: ostia), sometimes called altar bread, Communion bread, the Lamb or simply the host, is the bread or wafer used in the Christian ritual of the Eucharist. Eastern and Western traditions both require that it be made from wheat. Transubstantiation is, according to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, the change of substance or essence by which the bread and wine offered in the sacrifice of the sacrament of the Eucharist during the Mass, become, in reality, the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Due to the spread of the coronavirus , the Federal Council has categorised the situation in the country as “extraordinary”. It has issued a recommendation to all citizens to stay at home, especially the sick and the elderly. From March 16 the government ramped up its response to the widening pandemic, ordering the closure of bars, restaurants, sports facilities and cultural spaces. Celebrating masses is prohibit in order to avoid people meeting together. On the wall, a wooden crucifix with Jesus Christ on the cross. On the shelf (Left to right) : A swiss clock. A picture taken at a baptism ceremony in Italy. A statue of Our Lady of Fátima (Our Lady of the Holy Rosary of Fátima). A wooden model of a catholic church. A traditional Igbo mask (Igbo is an ethnic tribe of southeastern Nigeria). On the wall (R) a painting about the Holy Trinity. The Christian doctrine of the Trinity holds that God is three consubstantial persons or hypostases—the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit—as "one God in three Divine Persons". The three Persons are distinct, yet are one "substance, essence or nature". YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform. Grancia is a municipality in the