Thailand 2009 Bangkok

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Thailand. Bangkok. Grand Palace. The Grand Palace was established in 1782 and it houses not only the royal residence and throne halls but also a number of government offices. Traffic congestion. Buses, cars, taxis and tuk-tuk on Na Phra Lan Road. An auto rickshaw or three-wheelers (tuk-tuk, auto, rick, autorick or rickshaw) is a motor vehicle that is one of the chief modes of transport, especially as a vehicle for hire. It is a small three-wheeled cart driven by a person, and is related to the cabin cycle. Tha Tian's community is located in the downtown area and in the center of the urban historic district, called Koh Rattanakosin. Tha Thian is surrounded by a major heritage and tourist site, The Grand Palace. 27.03.09 © 2009 Didier Ruef