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Switzerland. Canton Graubünden. Davos. Open air bar. Tables and chairs on wooden terrace. A fake plastic cow with udders and a Swisly bottle are used as decoration. Swizly Original Swiss Cider 275 ml / 5 % . A blend of clear cider with low sweetness and elderflower syrup gives Swizly the unique flavor. It is mild and tasty, with 5 Vol% alcohol. Swiss flag and skiers. Winter scene with snow covering the landscape. The flag of Switzerland (German: Schweizerfahne; French: drapeau de la Suisse; Italian: bandiera svizzera; Romansh: bandiera de la Svizra; Latin: vexillum Helvetiorum) displays a white cross in the centre of a square red field. The white cross is known as the Swiss cross. The flag of Graubunden consists of three separate simplified arms representing the three constituent members of a confederation formed in 1457: the first quarter is the "Grey League", its black and white being a pun on the name; the second quarter is the cross of the "League of Ten Jurisdictions"; and the ibex, denoting freedom, independence, swiftness and bravery, is the emblem of the "League of God's House". 25.01.2020 © 2020 Didier Ruef