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France. Ile-de-France Department. Paris. Bourse de Commerce - Pinault Collection. The first art work presented in the Rotunda is an installation by artist Urs Fischer. Urs Fischer (born 2 May 1973) is a Swiss-born contemporary conceptual visual artist best known for his large-scale sculptures and installations. A group of ephemeral wax sculptures is slowly melting away in the Rotunda. The ensemble of candles includes an effigy of artist Rudolf Stingel. The sculpture was lit on the first day of the exhibition and will continue burning until it melt into pools of wax by the end of this year 2021. The Bourse de Commerce - Pinault Collection is the latest museum in the network of sites and initiatives developed by François Pinault since 2006. It offers a perspective on the contemporary art collection he has amassed over the past forty years, through a unique programme of exhibitions and events. 11.8.2021 © 2021 Didier Ruef