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Switzerland. Canton Ticino. Giubiasco. Fondazione Diamante. Seriarte is a working unit of Fondazione Diamante. The Diamante Foundation is deeply linked to the affirmation of the rights of disabled people. Screen printing on t-shirts. The disabled man works in the creation of designs for customized products. The working units, such as Seriarte, are spread throughout the Canton Ticino and allow for dialogue with the latter regardless of the peculiarities that distinguish it and their location, promoting inclusive responses to identified needs. The Diamante Foundation arranges differentiated structures both in terms of content and characteristics and in terms of complexity and specificity of the support offered in order to offer socio-educational responses as individualised as possible to the needs of users, each according to the interests, predispositions and personal characteristics of each user. The commitment of Diamante Foundation allows the disabled person to approach the ways of life specific to the context they belong to, developed through social role valorisation (VRS). The emphasis is therefore placed on the process of taking on active roles that make it possible to determine the acquisition of further skills by creating the conditions to aspire to new and increasingly valuing social roles. The social inclusion affirms the need to consider the disabled person from a perspective of equality and social justice. This presupposition implies that also the disabled person, as a fully recognised citizen, must be able to live in a society that is willing to change and remove those segregative obstacles. 6.05.22  © 2022 Didier Ruef