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Switzerland. Canton Ticino. Lago del Sambuco is a reservoir above Fusio, in the municipality of Lavizzara, (Valle Maggia). Its surface area is 1.11 km². A farmer is cutting hay in the fields during summertime. Hay is lush and green. It lays over in rows after being cut. The dam of Sambuco on the Maggia River was completed in 1956. Its maximum height is 130 m and length 363 m. The Sambuco dam is the perfect place to train concentration, coordination and endurance. 5 routes designed to allow a gradual approach to climbing. From the comfortable grips of the "Pizzo dei Tirz" to the more technical passages of the "Pizzo Massari" to the dizzying heights of the "Balestrucci". In addition, a two-rope path offers the possibility of descending, over more than 100 m, from the crown of the dam to its feet. The climbing routes of the Sambuco dam allow you to acquire technical skills and experience in a controlled environment. 7.7.2020  © 2020 Didier Ruef