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Switzerland. Canton Ticino. Lugano. A "CH" sticker with a TCS symbol on the back of a SsangYong car. The Touring Club Suisse (TCS) is a non-profit association with approximately 1.5 million members in Switzerland. Swiss drivers must legally put the “CH” sticker on their vehicles before entering another country .The sticker, a distinguishing sign of the state in which the car is registered, must be attached to rear of any vehicle driven in a foreign country. It is required under the 1968 international convention on road traffic. Sharks stickers from the Paul & Shark , which is an Italian clothing brand. SsangYong Motor Company is the fourth largest South Korea-based automobile manufacturer, which is owned by Indian multinational automotive company Mahindra & Mahindra Limited. 2.05.2020 © 2020 Didier Ruef