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070-Philippines-Eastern Samar-Guiuan-Aftermath Typhoon Haiyan-Soldier-Weapon-Cleaners-Woman-Debris-2013.jpg
Philippines. Province Eastern Samar. Guiuan. Town centre . A soldier from the Phillipines's army with an M-16 weapon looks at a woman walking with a red umbrella and a group of men cleaning the debris from the streets. The 300 kph (or km/h) winds of typhoon Haiyan has blown and destroyed houses, ripped rooftops apart and smashed walls. The town of Guiuan was the first to face the fury of typhoon Haiyan when it barrelled into the Philippines on november 8 2013. Typhoon Haiyan, known as Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, was an exceptionally powerful tropical cyclone that devastated the country. Haiyan is also the strongest storm recorded at landfall in terms of wind speed (300 km per hour). The M-16 machine gun is a rifle adapted for semi-automatic and full-automatic fire . 28.11.13 © 2013 Didier Ruef