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2020-09-02-Switzerland-Canton Aargau. Hermetschwil-Staffeln-Recycle-Art-Shop-Scuplture-Metal-Dragon-Wings-Bird-Horse-Sell-Prize-.jpg
Switzerland. Canton Aargau. Hermetschwil-Staffeln. Recycle Art Shop. Car and motorcycle parts, screws and gears welded together to most original and unique sculptures. These expressive figures are produced according to hand made plans, polished and painted. The strength lies in the detail. Up to 8 meter high sculptures are dismantled in up to 10 parts. Each object is unique. A fearful dragon with wings for a sale prize of 9'800.- swiss francs. Hermetschwil-Staffeln is a former municipality in the district of Bremgarten in the canton of Aargau<br />
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