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Eritrea. Southern Debud Zone. Mendefera. EWDFA (Eritrean War Disabled Fighter Association) is an eritrean NGO (non government organisation) for disabled fighters from the 30 years liberation war. Eritrea finaly became independent from Ethiopia in 1993 EWDFA receives funds from Heks (Inter Church Aid) of Switzerland to run a small bakery project in the town. Mr. Abraham Gebremedhin lost his eyes during the war. He works every night from 3 AM until 11AM in the bakery  Mrs Abeba Mengistu was arested, severely beaten and tortured by ethiopians. She wears a cotton loincloth on her head. Fresh cooked breads are bought early morning by various resellers which will later sell it in town and make a small profit.  © 2002 Didier Ruef