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United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai. Balloon Adventures Dubai. A Gyr Saker falcon flies back on his trainer's hand during a hot air balloon tour flight above the desert of Dubai. The hourlong experience provides a look at the beauty of long stretches of desert and a raptor flying at high altitude (1000 meters). The Gyr-Saker falcon is a hybrid of the world’s largest hawk, the Gyrfalcon and the second largest hawk, the Saker falcon. Falcons are birds of prey in the genus Falco, which includes about 40 species. Adult falcons have thin, tapered wings, which enable them to fly at high speed and change direction rapidly. Additionally, they have keen eyesight for detecting food at a distance or during flight, strong feet equipped with talons for grasping or killing prey, and powerful, curved beaks for tearing flesh. Falcons kill with their beaks, using a "tooth" on the side of their beaks. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country in Western Asia at the northeast end of the Arabian Peninsula. 17.02.2020  © 2020 Didier Ruef