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Switzerland. Canton Ticino. Airolo. Alps and Leventina valley. Wall painting on a building about the past and the future of the region. A dam in the mountain, a wind turbine, a horse carriage across the Gotthard Pass and a bell tower. Hydro and wind power are new sustainable and clean electric energies. Religion and catholicism tradition. The Gotthard Pass or St. Gotthard Pass (Italian: Passo del San Gottardo) (el. 2106 m) is a mountain pass in the Alps, connecting northern to southern Switzerland. The pass lies between Airolo in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino, and Göschenen in the German-speaking canton of Uri, The region of the Gotthard Pass is an important north-south axis in Europe and is crossed by three major traffic tunnels, each being the world's longest at the time of their construction: the Gotthard Rail Tunnel (1882), the Gotthard Road Tunnel (1980) and the Gotthard Base Tunnel (2016). 8.03.2016  © 2016 Didier Ruef