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Switzerland. Canton Fribourg. Sugiez. Two tinsmith from the ornamental ironwork company «Ferblanterie d’ornements». The worker (L) shows to his boss Jean Michel Meyroux (R) a new copper metal pieces for the restoration of the central onion dome from the Orthodox Russian Church (Cathédrale de l'Exaltation de la Sainte Croix) of Geneva. In architecture and decorative art, ornament is a decoration used to embellish parts of a building or object. The ornamental ironwork is a know-how and craft of art perpetuating tradition of roofs and facades ornaments for historical monuments. The realization of pieces of ironworks ornaments in zinc and copper requires a perfect mastery of secular gestures by reproducing worn out parts and allowing their restoration and conservation of architectural heritage. An onion dome is a dome whose shape resembles an onion. Such domes are often larger in diameter than the drum upon which they sit, and their height usually exceeds their width. These bulbous structures taper smoothly to a point. 24.10.2016 © 2016 Didier Ruef