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Albania. Tushemishtit. The village is shown in the Albanian movie Zonja nga qyteti (The lady from the city) shot during the communist time. The Lady from the City (Albanian: Zonja nga qyteti) is a 1976 Albanian comedy film directed by Piro Milkani, starring Violeta Manushi as Teto Ollga. The film tells the story of Ollga, an old lady from the city that moved to the village to stay with her daughter, a young beautiful girl. During the dictatorship, young people were sent to villages after graduation to work and get experience as well as contribute in their field of study. Her daughter, Meli, Rajmonda Bulku, was a nurse. Teto Ollga had an attitude of superiority toward villagers, but at the end, she finds herself really well among them and she becomes useful as she starts working as chef. An Albanian family come to visit the village as tourists and make a selfie with the bronze statue of Teto Ollga. Tushemisht is a village in the Korçë County, southeastern Albania. 21.5.2018 © 2018 Didier Ruef