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Angola. Cuando Cubango. Mavinga. Shadows on a plactic sheeting in the hospital run by MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) Switzerland. The writting on the wall says "viva o Savimbi" which means " long life to Savimbi". Jonas Savimbi founded in 1966 the political opposition movement Unita (Uniao para a Independncia Total de Angola) . Unita was opposed at the time of the portuguese colonisation to the socialist MPLA (Movimento de Liberaao de Angola), born in 1961. After the independence and for 28 years, Unita declared a permanent war (bush and guerrila warfare) on the government runs by the MPLA. Savimbi was killed on february 22 2002. The cease fire was signed on april 4 2002. Mavinga was for years an important Unita center.  © 2002 Didier Ruef