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Usa. Utah. Tooele county. Deseret chemical depot. Two workers, wearing gas masks,boots, protective suits and flashlights, follow the firt entry procedures and look for any leakages in a earth covered igloo which provides secure storage for the weapons. 155 mm GB Nerve Agent, called also " Sarin". Tooele chemical agent disposal facility (TOCDF). Program for destruction of chemical weapons and agent. Incinerating plant. Deseret chemical depot is distant 100 km from Salt Lake City. The Deseret Chemical Depot is one of eight Army installations in the U.S. that currently store chemical weapons. The weapons originally stored at the depot consisted of various munitions and ton containers, containing GB and VX nerve agents or H, HD, and HT blister agent. The Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility is designed for the sole purpose of destroying the chemical weapons stockpile located at the depot. © 1998 Didier Ruef