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Switzerland. Geneva. Downtown. Art. Sculpture on top of a pole. The art piece looks like a bunch of distorted oversized wires. But suddenly, as you walk this way or that, the juxtaposition of these wires start to play with each other. They start to mean something. On one extreme you can make out the word OUI (Yes) in French. On the other side of the square, you make out the word NON (No). The artist, Markus Raetz, entitled this work simply OUI/NON. It was finished in 2000 and erected in 2001 on the Rue du Rhône (at Place de la Fusterie). Markus Raetz works on the real and unreal of the negative/positive and the perception and the deformation on shapes in a mirror or facing each other. He invites the viewer to interact, because many works by the artist reveal themselves only by the movement of the viewer in front of the sculpture. Markus Raetz is one of the most renowned contemporary Swiss artists. OUI/NON was a donation from the Fondation Hélène et Victor Barbour to the City of Geneva. 6.02.14 © 2014 Didier Ruef