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Italy. Province of Como. Campione. Campione is an italian enclave, close to Lugano, and surrended by Switzerland. The Egyptian Youssef Nada, president of the Nada Management, former Al Taqwa, at home in his villa Nada. He stands close to a religious painting with the word Allah written. The open criminal investigation against Youssef Nada, which directed Islamic bank Al-Taqwa of Lugano since its creation in 1988, is now classified. The Swiss Prosecutors office has been forced to drop its criminal case against Youssef Nada and Al Taqwa for its role in financing al Qaeda and terrorism. However Nada, who has denied any ties with terrorism, has admitted being in the past one of the principal leaders of the international branch of the Moslem Brothers. © 2006 Didier Ruef