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Ethiopia. South Omo Zone. Salamago district. Hirchu (small village). Mursi tribe. Agro-pastoralist group. Nomadic. Mursi women are known as "disk-lip" women. The bottom lip is slit along its full length and the front bottom row of teeth are pulled out to accomodate the ceramic disk  which is handmade with a rim around which the stretched lip is pulled. The disk is seen as a symbol of beauty and wealth, and often the younger girls will pierce and strech their ear-lobes, inserting a matching disk in the extended lobe..Mursi women and girls like to have artistic and stylish haircuts. They wear metal bands  on their wrist (silver bracelets) and their dresses are made out of cow's leather. The Mursi tribe is located in the Debub Omo Zone (South Omo Zone) of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples's région. © 2001 Didier Ruef