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Uganda. West Nile. Adjumani. Magburu 2 is distant 15 km from Adjumani and is a transit camp for refugees from South Sudan. Two men, seated on wood sticks, play on market's place a traditionnal Oware game while a woman smokes the pipe. Oware is an abstract strategy game among the Mancala family of board games (pit and pebble games) played worldwide with slight variations as to the layout of the game, number of players and strategy of play. Oware and its variants have many names - Ayò, Ayoayo (Yoruba), Awalé (Ivory Coast, Benin), Wari (Mali), Ouri, Ouril or Uril (Cape Verde), Warri (Caribbean) Pallanguzhi (India) Wali (Dagbani), Adji (Ewe), Nchọ/Ókwè (Igbo), ise (Edo), Awale in (Ga) meaning Spoons in English according to the Ga name for the game. A common name in English is Awari. West Nile sub-region (previously known as West Nile Province and West Nile District) is a region in north-western Uganda. © 1989 Didier Ruef