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Germany. Bavaria state. Munich. Museum. Pinakothek der Moderne. Eva & Adele are a couple of german artists who live and create Above Gender Boundaries. They dress identically to each other in makeup and bald heads. Although as a man and a women and in a relationship for 22 years, the two could get married, it was important for them to be able to marry as two women. However, Eva (who has a deep voice and broad shoulders) argued to court that although her body was a man, her soul was not. After reading numerous psychiatric and psychological reports, the judge agreed. Eva's birth certificate was then reissued with her sex as female. Their guiding principle is: Wherever they are is museum. they want to impose on the world their vision of Futuring. Eva & Adele function in public space as an art work. The artists treat their own bodies as living sculpture 6.07.07 © 2007 Didier Ruef