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Switzerland. Canton Ticino. Airolo. Gotthard Monument at Airolo railway station. The inscription TRAFORO DEL GOTTARDO MDCCCLXXII - MDCCCLXXXII in Italian language reminds of the 177 workers killed by accidents while boring a 15 km long railway tunnel through the St. Gotthard massif between 1872 and 1882. Another 113 workers died while working on the railroad lines leading to the tunnel. The monument was designed by the artist Vincenzo Vela (May 3, 1820 - October 3, 1891) who was a Swiss sculptor. Alps and Leventina valley. A man walks on the slippery road covered with snow. The official flag (red and blue) of Ticino is floating in the wind. 8.03.2016  © 2016 Didier Ruef