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Italy. Piedmont region. Turin. Gruppo Abele is running the Drop House. A litteracy class to learn to read and write in italian for a group of foreign women, mostly muslim from Noth Africa.  Since 1965, its starting year, Gruppo Abele has always given voice to all disadvantaged people, especially those living on the streets. Listening to their experiences, Gruppo Abele was able to understand more about the use of drugs during these years. Outreach ("Accoglienza" in Italian) means more than just the first contact point. Gruppo Abele include in "reception" a full range of activities, aimed at people showing signs of addiction to drugs, alcohol or other substances, the HIV-infected, foreigners who are having difficulty in integrating with Italian society, and children. The activities in this sector are divided into various standards of intervention. Drop-in Centre: for listening, counselling, support and back-up activities, including the possibility of assuming responsibility for people with problems and also of their family members. Crisis Centre: Day&Night service, to provide for the most pressing needs of people living on the streets. 7.12.2011 © WHO /Didier Ruef