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Switzerland. Bern canton. Biel / Bienne. Arteplage, Expo 02. "sWISH " . Three women listen to a video interview of a catholic priest and his wishes. sWISH explores the countless wishes dear to the Swiss. The idea is that by delving into what touches and moves us most profoundly, we can discover who we are and what we want. All recorded on video, their multi-faceted wishes are the stuff of which this exhibition is made. It is they who look after our wishes though not always very conscientiously, and with varying degrees of success. They will be guiding you through the exhibition in the black pavilion, through the voices and faces on the videoclips that express in wishes what would otherwise never be unveiled. A representative survey by the Social Research Institute of Zurich University accompanies sWISH and will prepare the ground for an analytical study of sWishscape Switzerland. National exhibition. © 2002 Didier Ruef ..