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Switzerland. Canton Zürich. Opfikon. Runway 34 is a restaurant combining the concepts of "airline" and "restaurant". The place is located at the end of the Zurich Airport runway. An unguided bomb above the bar. Alcohol bottles and parking place. An unguided bomb, also known as a free-fall bomb, gravity bomb, dumb bomb, or iron bomb, is a conventional aircraft-delivered bomb that does not contain a guidance system and hence, simply follows a ballistic trajectory. This described all aircraft bombs in general service until the later half of World War II, and the vast majority until the late 1980s. Bomb casings for unguided bombs are typically aerodynamic in shape, often with fins at the tail section, which reduce drag and increase stability after release, both of which serve to improve accuracy and consistency of trajectory. Unguided bombs typically use a contact fuse for detonation upon impact, or some milliseconds after if a penetration effect is required. One alternative is a fuse with an altimeter, to cause an air burst at the desired altitude. Zurich Airport (Flughafen Zürich, IATA: ZRH, ICAO: LSZH) is the largest international airport of Switzerland. 20.01.2020  © 2020 Didier Ruef